Shift Lock Release Button Cover

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The Shift Lock Release Button Cover (#33554-WB001), a crucial element in Toyota's Console Box & Bracket system, safeguards the Shift Lock Release mechanism. This cover primarily acts as a protective barrier, preventing unintentional activation of the Shift Lock Release. Its precise design and fitment, specifically for Toyota vehicles, underscores the importance of using genuine Toyota parts for seamless vehicle compatibility. Over time, wear and tear, damage, or age can take a toll on the Shift Lock Release Button Cover (#33554-WB001). If it becomes broken or non-functional, it could expose the Shift Lock Release, leading to accidental gear changes that may disrupt vehicle operation. Therefore, scheduled replacement of the cover is critical for maintaining the safety and efficiency of the system. By protecting the Shift Lock Release, the genuine Toyota Shift Lock Release Button Cover (#33554-WB001) contributes significantly to vehicle safety and operational efficiency. Notably, this genuine part comes backed by Toyota's comprehensive parts warranty.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33554-WB001

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